Grade Cabinet.

This grade is analogous to WSB Cabinet White, but it tolerates presence of false heartwood, i.e. colour variations of a board are not recognized as a flaw.

Sorting is performed by the better face.

Minimum clear wood cutting: 75 mm x 900 mm or 100 mm х 600 mm.

Any amount of live point knots (up to 5 mm) over the whole surface of a board is not a flaw.

Any wane on the front faces is not allowed. Wane is allowed on the back or worse face only and shall not exceed 12 mm in width and 25% of the board length.

The board thickness is 22 mm (-0/+1 mm). The both faces are planed to finish (S2S).The edges are rough after sawing. This board can also be supplied unplaned by

individual customer’s request.

The board widths are from 89mm and wider (with optional pace, i.e. the boards are of various widths). The widths from 89 mm to 100 mm shall not exceed 5% of the total batch volume.

The lengths are from 1830 mm and longer with any pace. The ends are straight and even. The boards with lengths from 1830 mm to 2135 mm shall not exceed 10% of the batch. 

The boards are stacked into three types of packs according to the following lengths:

- Pack of short length – from 1830 mm to 2440 mm

- Pack of medium length – from 2445 mm to 3050 mm

- Pack of long length – from 3055 mm to 3660 mm

          front face                                       
back face